Cuturi Gallery > c/residency Programme (Singapore)

Cuturi Gallery in Singapore has announced c/residency, an artist-focused programme which supports two types of artist residencies: local and international. The programme is committed to supporting and nurturing artistic talent, providing a conducive environment for artists-in-residence to focus on their creative pursuits and gain new insights into their practice.

Driven by a communal spirit and atmosphere, it encourages mutual sharing and exchange of artistic knowledge, skills and collaboration. Residency artists will be able to interact with fellow artists-in-residence, as well as artists and creatives in the local community from various backgrounds and practices.

As part of the programme offerings, c/residency invites both local and international artists to work in the studios located within the gallery’s premises. The programme will culminate with a solo exhibition at the gallery, showcasing works completed during the duration of the residency.

Artists-in-residence will receive the gallery’s full support towards artistic exploration, experimentation, and growth. The artist-in-residence will be able to benefit from the gallery’s expertise and resources spanning marketing and communications, digital capabilities, and networking opportunities, among others.

International artists are invited to apply for a one-month residency. To apply for this programme you must: be permanently based outside of Singapore; not have gallery representation in Singapore; have a working knowledge of English. Preference will be given to artists who lack exposure and contact to audiences in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The International Artist Residency includes reimbursement for travel (from home country to Singapore), accommodation, a 36sqm space for work, and art supplies.