Mobility Webinar: ‘Mental Health, Well-being and International Cultural Mobility’
Exploring the impacts of international cultural mobility on the mental health and well-being of artists and culture professionals.
21 Aug 2023
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26 Sep 2023
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Cultural Mobility Flows Between the United Kingdom and the European Union
A policy report and recommendations on how to improve UK-EU cultural relations.
4 Sep 2023
Cultural Mobility Flows Between the United Kingdom and the European Union

Open calls

  • Participants in a roundtable discussion at an European Theatre Convention event.
    European Theatre Convention: Project Manager (Germany)
  • Three seated people laughing during an onstage Q&A or discussion.
    European Theatre Convention: Project & Network Manager (Germany)
  • Two pairs of hands, held out in darkness, not touching.
    GuestRoomMaribor: ‘Constructing Care’ Residency (Slovenia)
  • Four speakers on a huge stage in front of a projected powerpoint title screen: 'Music 4 Coop'.
    Music4Coop: Call for European Music Cooperators (Spain)
    Meetings & Collaboration
  • Pop the vote - culture on the ballot.
    Culture Action Europe: Open Call for Changemakers, ‘Pop the Vote! Culture on the Ballot’ (Belgium)
    Meetings & Collaboration
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On the Move, A Brief History
Mary Ann DeVlieg
On the Move x Points of Entry: Queer Activism and International Mobility in the Arts
Katie Kheriji-Watts + Bochra Triki
Cultural Mobility in European Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries & Territories
On the Move x Points of Entry: Parenthood and Mobility in the Arts
Katie Kheriji-Watts + Hettie Judah