Professional Development

Our professional development programmes support artists and organisations to make a strategic leap in their international work.

Through various partnerships, we develop and/or contribute to professional development programmes that benefit around 40 companies and organisations a year. Our programmes are for everyone from small arts collectives to major festivals, but are always initiated by regional and national arts funders or support agencies. The goal is to guide artists and organisations through a process of reflection that will leave them more open, flexible and inventive in their international work.

Advice is tailored to each organisation, artist or group but can include reflection on strategy, fine-tuning of international marketing and promotion, or pointers for networking and cooperation projects. Adaptation is a key value of our programmes. We adapt the programme we provide, but also encourage the organisations we work with to take a flexible approach and think holistically about international work.

Some of the organisations we collaborate with for their professional development are interested in international exchange but don’t have the contacts or the knowledge. Some are looking to win greater recognition or break into new areas. Others are established players but find themselves needing to adapt to a changing field. To meet these different profiles, we draw on a network of expert collaborators (many of them On the Move members) who bring a host of perspectives. Our flagship professional development project, PARI!, has seen us work with more than 40 external experts since 2018, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture and the Institut français.

Our professional development programmes are always undertaken in partnership with national, regional or local organisations that cover the costs for participants (for example, with the French Ministry of Culture, Institut français, Le théâtre des Doms, Eleusis 2023 / Busart, IN SITU etc.).

They are supported by our ongoing research projects and information monitoring. You can for instance refer to the resources of the Learning Trajectories project and OTM working group on professional development programmes.

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