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Graphic: #MeToo in the Cultural Sector: From Call-outs to Structural Change.
#MeToo in the Cultural Sector: From Call-outs to Structural Change
In order to present the first results of new research on sexual harassment, bullying and power abuse in the European art field, IETM invites you to join an online session on Gender & Power Relations, held as part of the SHIFT – Shared Initiatives for Training project on 6 October 2021 at 16-17:30 CET on Zoom.
Marie Fol giving a talk at a conference in front of a projection screen.
WOMEX: ‘The Fragility of Mobility, Overcoming New Hurdles to Cultural Exchange’

A lot has happened since participants last met in person at WOMEX 19 in Tampere, Finland. A global pandemic, Brexit, financial and economic unrest, and regime change in the U.S, all this and more have transformed the international music business.

Porto, Portugal