On the Move’s Sustainability Policy

On the Move’s Sustainability Policy has been crafted throughout the year 2023 within the scope of the SHIFT eco-certification for networks, which On the Move is part of.

The Policy has been written by Gwendolenn Sharp from The Green Room (OTM member) in collaboration with the OTM Green team as well as OTM members involved in the process, particularly through the ‘green context-specific mobility’ working group.

The document refers back to the actions of On the Move since 2011 in relation to the issues about environmental sustainability and international cultural mobility. This policy document highlights as well the scope and principles that drive On the Move’s mission and the values and terminologies around which this policy is articulated.

Among the definitions used is the one below:

Green mobility is understood in a holistic way. It not only considers the means of transportation used by artists and culture professionals but also the contexts in which artists and culture professionals are evolving, the reasons behind their mobility, and the impacts of what is done at their destination and upon return to their local context.

Green mobility is a collective responsibility, involving both those who benefit from mobility and those who financially support it, and must take into account the social, political, economic, infrastructural, environmental and ethical dimensions that frame it.

Last but not least, On the Move’s Sustainability Policy document defines the areas of commitments for On the Move as a network in the years to come.

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