Policy Handbook on the Strategic use of EU Support Programmes for Developing Cultural and Creative Industries

This unique document is one of the results of the EU working group (in the Open Method of Coodination - OMC) of experts on cultural and creative industries. 

The objective of this book is to better sensitize the authorities as well as the cultural community of the potential of cultural and creative industries in boosting regional and local development. The Handbook intends to help them in formulating local, regional and national strategies for cultural and creative industries.

It also aims to serve as a tool for the planning and implementation of a strategic use of the EU support programmes to foster the potential of culture for local and national development and the spill-over effects on the wider economy. Based on existing experience from  different Member States the Handbook introduces ways to use the EU Structural Funds for developing CCIs at local, regional as well as national level and also bridging CCIs with the rest of the economy to foster innovation, tourism and urban regeneration.

The Handbook is divided into three main parts:

  • The first part together with the annexes introduces the main rationale for developing CCIs. 
  • The second part gives an overview of the different EU Structural  Funds and the current planning processes for the next financial period 2014-2020. 
  • The third part is dedicated to examples from different Member States that can be used as a toolkit for implementing concrete projects.

Read more about the OMC working group on CCI on the European Commission website.