European Parliament Resolution on the Cultural Dimensions of the EU’s External Actions

On 12th May, the European Parliament approved a resolution on the cultural dimensions of the EU’s external actions, which calls for the creation of a cultural visa for third-party artists and professionals in the cultural field.

The text is structured around six sections, notable contents of which are indicated below:

  • EU programmes: concern for the fragmentation of external EU cultural policies and for the lack of coordination among the units of the Commission responsible for external and cultural action. Call for the creation of a cultural visa for third-party artists and professionals in the cultural field.
  • Media and new information technologies: importance of the internet in key projects (Europeana) and the convenience of investing in broadband throughout the EU. Call for the creation of an internet portal to centralise all of the information on EU cultural activity and facilitate networking among those involved in the sector.
  • Cultural diplomacy and cultural cooperation: inclusion of cultural clauses in EU external agreements and of cultural dimensions in development cooperation actions.

The Parliament has directed these recommendations at the Member State governments, the Council and the Commission, calling for the latter to present regular reports on resolution implementation.