Dance Mobility in Times of Fracture

Their head and face covered by black cloth, a dancer tilts strangely to the side, hands at their face.

Dance and Mobility in Times of Fracture is the third EDN publication in 2021 released as part of the Fit for the Future series of research papers commissioned by the European Dance Network.

The publication was supported by DEN Kennisinstituut cultuur & digitalisering and Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Excerpt from the foreword:

As part of its ‘Fit for the Future’ series of publications, EDN commissioned this piece from the cultural mobility information network On the Move and its team of researchers Milica Ilic, Marie Le Sourd and John Ellingsworth. The aim has been to collect some of the existing evidence, giving an overview of European dance mobility before the crisis, as well as to investigate the latest trends and needs through an analysis of current activity. This initial research then allows us to formulate recommendations for decision makers and dance stakeholders.

La publication ‘Danse et mobilité dans un contexte de fractures’ est disponible grâce au soutien de l’Institut français de Paris (traduction: Pascale Fougère).