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  • Training and Exchange of Knowledge: Identifying Training Initiatives in the Field of Performing Arts in South-east Europe
    Launched in 2012, the TEATROSKOP programme (platform for the performing arts in South-East Europe) has endeavoured to initiate, renew and boost exchanges between France and 13 countries in the region in the fields of theatre, dance, circus and street arts and puppetry. On the demand of TEATROSKOP – Institut Français, La Belle Ouvrage carried on this initial collection of initiatives, good practices and interviews.
    Posted 7 July 2016
  • Cover for Everyday Innovators, Innovative Work Practices in the Cultural Sector. Title on a white page with a colourful border of red, blue and yellow squares.
    Everyday Innovators, Innovative Work Practices in the Cultural Sector
    Everyday Innovators is a free online publication commissioned by IETM and researched by La Belle Ouvrage. It brings up practical examples of innovative work organisation practices in the cultural sector in Europe.
    Posted 20 November 2012