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  • Reid Hall in between a logo of two fences.
    Displaced Artists Residency at Reid Hall 2024–2025 (France)
    Artists currently based in France are invited to apply for a Residency as part of the Displaced Artists Initiative at Reid Hall, jointly supported by Columbia Global Centers | Paris and the Institute for Ideas and Imagination. This provides support for artists who have had to leave their countries of origin due to extreme circumstances (war, natural disaster, political oppression).
    Posted 12 April 2024
  • Light text on a coloured background, 'in situ'.
    Cité internationale des arts: In Situ Residency Programme 2024–2025 (France)
    Daniel et Nina Carasso foundation and Cité internationale des arts are calling for applications from Europe-based artists for the In situ multidisciplinary residency programmme, from 3 October 2024 to 27 March 2025.
    Posted 8 April 2024
  • Coloured text of the call on a bright background.
    ACCESS: Artistic Residency with Focus on Music and Sound 2024–25 (France, Portugal, Czech Republic)
    This call is directed to European artists (seven will be selected) with a close relation with music and sound, with a focus on experimentation, innovation, improvisation, cooperative creation and audience engagement. This call concerns the three residencies of the first cycle of action of ACCESS (2024–2025). The selected artists will take part of one artistic residency, with a duration of seven days.
    Posted 25 March 2024
  • Coloured text which says 'open call' on a light background.
    Aurora Residency 2024 for Nordic Artists (France)
    The residency offers two Nordic artists a three-month residency in Paris, accommodation, studio, and access to workshop facilities at Fondation Fiminco in Romainville on the outskirts of Paris, from 16 September to 13 December 2024.
    Posted 25 March 2024
  • An illustration of an industrial building with colours and the text of the call.
    Fondation Fiminco: Residency for Visual Artists 2024–25 (France)
    The Fondation Fiminco is launching an open call for visual artists of all disciplines for an 11-month research, creation and production residency (September 2024 to July 2025) based in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis) within greater Paris.
    Posted 25 March 2024
  • The front of a building showing two seperate glass door entries.
    City of Beausoleil: Four-Month Visual Arts Residency 2024–2025 (France)
    The City of Beausoleil, France, is calling for project proposals for the workshop space at Tivoli 89 from artist or a collective of artists. Residency periods are from 1 October 2024 for four months or 17 February 2025 for four months.
    Posted 13 March 2024
  • Text on coloured background, saying 'Being Trans-formative COAL Prize 2024.
    COAL Prize 2024 – Being Transformative (France)
    The COAL Prize 2024 calls for transformation from within, of the senses, of care, of the self with others. It’s a call to see culture as the breeding ground for our relationship with nature and, by the same token, our greatest asset in bringing about radical, sustainable change.
    Posted 8 March 2024
  • Publication cover with a hand holding a light bulb, a plane, books, part of a building, a film reel and more.
    Leveraging Cultural and Creative Sectors for Development in the European Union Outermost Regions
    This report assesses the current state and future potential of cultural and creative sectors (CCS) in the nine outermost regions of the European Union (EU): Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, and Saint Martin (France); the Azores and Madeira (Portugal); and the Canary Islands (Spain).
    Posted 1 March 2024
  • Five people standing in front of a building facing the camera.
    European Investment Bank Institute: Artists Development Programme 2024 (France, Luxembourg)
    The Artists Development Programme (ADP) – the European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute’s talent accelerator for emerging European visual artists under 35 – has officially launched its 2024 edition. The EIB Institute has opened four calls for applications.
    Posted 29 February 2024
  • Photo of person in white cube that seems to be turning in black space of a stage.
    PARI! Parcours d'Accompagnement et de Réflexion sur l'international : Appel à candidatures (2024-2025)
    PARI!, Parcours d’Accompagnement et de Réflexion sur l’International, vise à permettre l’amorçage ou le redéploiement d’une stratégie à l’international des structures / organisations accompagnées (compagnies, groupes, collectifs, ensembles, etc. dans les domaines des arts de la scène et de la musique) autour de cinq axes principaux : la mobilité artistique, la mise en réseau, la coopération culturelle, la transmission et la diffusion.
    Posted 23 February 2024
  • A person hanging upside-down from circus rope with text about the open call.
    La Volière: Artistic Residencies in Aerial Circus and Aerial Dance 2024 (France)
    La Volière is calling for applications from young emerging artists connected to aerial circus and/or aerial dance to apply for a residency in Saint-Nazaire, France. The call for projects aims to support young emerging artists whose projects are in the process of being structured.
    Posted 2 February 2024
  • View of green valley with snow-capped mountains behind.
    Projeto Entre Serras: Serra da Estrela and Alps ‘Humus’ Art Residency (Portugal, France)
    The European project Projeto Entre Serras is calling for application from artists to participate in Humus, a cross-national artistic residency between the UNESCO Global Geopark of Estrela (Portugal) and the City of Digne-les-Bains, in the Alps of High Provence (France).
    Posted 29 January 2024
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