Reader on 'Mobility and Cultural Cooperation in the Age of Digital Spaces'

A reader has been produced by On-The-Move to complement the training sessions run in Bucharest and Helsinki in 2006 on the theme of Mobility and Cultural Cooperation.

The reader contains articles by the three trainers - Sanna Kangasluoma, Cristina Farinha and Aleksandra Uzelac, along with an introduction to the subject by Training Director Corina Suteu and a full bibliography of additional reference material.

The articles are informative and will stimulate your mind on the subject of mobility and cultural cooperation and how they intertwine with digital tools and virtual spaces in Europe today.

Mobilité et coopération culturelle à l’ère numérique (2006).

On-the-move a publié une documentation complémentaire aux sessions de formation sur le thème “mobilité et coopération culturelle” qui ont eu lieu à Bucarest et à Helsinki en 2006. Cette documentation contient des articles des trois formatrices - Sanna Kangasluoma, Cristina Farinha et Aleksandra Uzelax, ainsi qu’une introduction au sujet par Corina Suteu, directrice de la formation, et une bibliographie exhaustive de littérature secondaire.