EU Immigration Portal

The EU Immigration Portal, launched in November 2011, provides hands-on information for foreign nationals interested in moving to the EU. The site is also directed at migrants who are already in the EU and would like to move from one EU State to another. It provides specific practical information about procedures in all 27 EU States for each category of migrants.

If you are a citizen from a country outside the European Union wishing to migrate to a country inside the European Union, this site has useful information for you. In the immigration portal, you will find specific practical information about rules and regulations in all 27 EU States for each category of migrants: workers (freelancer, seasonal, employed…), students, researchers, family members. You will also find the contact information of other migrant or official organisations if you need more advice on your particular situation.

The website is available in English and in French.

If you are an EU citizen wishing to move to another EU country, please visit Your Europe Portal instead.