4 open calls
  • Very close close-up of a painting of the lips and nose of a face, paired with a black and white impressionistic piece showing a pillared building in a natural landscape.
    Centro di Sarro: Talent Exchange Project for Young Artists (Italy)
    Meetings & Collaboration
  • Illustration of spanners growing up like grass against a purple polka dot background.
    officine CAOS: Open Call for Emerging Artists (Italy)
    Presenting Work
  • Empty studio space in the loft of the House of Arts Brno, with exposed wooden beams and sloping roofs.
    House of Arts Brno: Residency for Visual Artists, Curators or Theoreticians (Czech Republic)
  • An astronaut and an alien hold hands on a blue planet under a red sky. The alien has a flag with '2022' written on it. Mobility Support Grants for Artists from Croatia and Scotland for ‘Life on Mars’ (Italy)