Repertory of Web-links on Cultural Mobility in Latin America

Cover for Latin America repertory - title info with line drawn map of South America.

After the Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Europe (in partnership with the Interarts Foundation) and the mapping of cultural mobility funding in Asia (funded by the Asia-Europe Foundation), On the Move decided to work in 2013 on a repertory of web-links related to cultural mobility in Latin America.

Our first objective was to put online a short list of relevant websites for cultural mobility information and/or funding sources for the Latin American region. However we quickly came to the point that we needed to share more than a list, hence this idea of a web-repertory focused on Latin America and to a certain extent on the Caribbean region.

This document was made possible through a staff exchange between On the Move and RES ARTIS via Alvaro de Salvo that we wish to thank very much for his dedication for this project.

 The objective of this repertory of web-links is twofold:

1)  To help Latin American - and international - artists and cultural professionals to identify information sources and to find potential ways to support their cultural mobility related projects,

 2) To generate a live and evolving document that will tentatively open the path to an in-depth mapping of the whole region (as for Europe and Asia) thanks to the securing of partners and funders.

Find the repertory online.


Please note that:

- This document is by no means the full mapping of resources for the Latin American region as it has been done for Europe and Asia (see above).

- Institutions, organisations and information platforms and related web-links are listed but not funding schemes per se.

- On the Move is still looking for partners to cover the whole Latin American region in order to offer a broader scope of available resources to facilitate cultural mobility with and from this region. Any interested organisation can contact us at mobility (a)