On the Move supports access to information and resources on cultural mobility

On the Move supports access to information and resources on cultural mobility

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Pencil drawing of a heart - the veins are rendered as green networks, like plant roots, and the aorta has been replaced by pairs of reaching, clasping hands. The theme is 'Radical Love'.
FAKI Festival: Open Call for Artists, Activists, Researchers and Theatre Critics (Croatia)
Presenting Work
A neat gravel path, with shallow steps, leads through a green expanse of low, round topiary. At the top of a hill is a beautiful old fairytale cottage.
Les Jardins d'Étretat: Art Residency on the Alabaster Coast (France)
Commissions & Tenders
New Curators
New Curators: Curatorial Training Programme for Individuals from Lower Socio-economic Backgrounds (UK)
Two performers in baize green suits strike showman poses - very snazzy except for the buckets on their heads.
Dynamo: Residencies for Nordic-Baltic Circus Artists and Companies (Denmark)
A deep green sea of treetops, stretching into the distance - the Roumare Forest.
La Forêt Monumentale: Call for On-site Installation Artworks in the Roumare Forest (France)
Commissions & Tenders
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