Solidarity, trust, fairness and responsibility are the key values that drive our network and its members.

If cultural mobility is a core part of your activity as an organisation or an individual, you can apply to join our network.

Guidelines for Members
Membership Application Form

Mission and aims

On the Move is a cultural mobility information network with 50+ organisations members and individuals in over 24 countries across Europe and worldwide. Our main mission is to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to a vibrant, shared European and international cultural space.

By federating the cultural sector around a qualitative vision and progressive approach to cultural mobility, On the Move aims to ease and coordinate cultural mobility information provision and to encourage, through targeted mentoring, research and advocacy actions, a concept of mobility that is respectful of social standards and environmental protection, and that promotes cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. On the Move’s overarching goal is to become a platform of knowledge, both on-site and virtual, that promotes a concept of mobility that is progressive, responsible and sustainable – for the benefit of individual artists and cultural professionals as well as the culture and arts sector in Europe and internationally.


On the Move:

  • Works as a gateway for mobility-related information, communicated through various channels and tools (including social networks), in order to provide its members and the public with up-to-date information.
  • (Co-)organises a wide range of activities, including, but not limited to, conferences, seminars, training sessions and advocacy actions, for the benefit of its members and the cultural sector at large.
  • Initiates, facilitates or co-organises mentoring sessions on internationalisation of practices for artists and cultural professionals using its online resources as well as the expertise of members and partners.
  • Initiates and commissions / carries out studies, researches and publications on relevant topics related to cultural mobility.

Benefits for members

Members can: 

  • Take part in working group meetings organised on the following topics:
    • Administrative aspects related to Mobility (Mobility Info Points).
    • Cultural mobility funding.
    • (En)forced mobility.
    • These groups are self organised by members and/or facilitated by the On the Move secretariat. A fourth group related to international mentoring programmes is under development.
  • Access the latest updates and/or information related to cultural mobility upon request to the secretariat.
  • Contribute, within a proposed timeframe, content to new publications or updates to existing publications.
  • Take part in On the Move’s public meetings or events when the topics are relevant to their fields of expertise.

Annual membership fees


Individual membership 35 EUR


Membership fees for organisations scale according to the organisation’s annual budget:

Annual budget of up to 50,000 EUR 65 EUR
Annual budget of up to 100,000 EUR 125 EUR
Annual budget of up to 200,000 EUR 190 EUR
Annual budget of more than 200,000 EUR 315 EUR

Contact for any questions.