On the Move (OTM) aisbl. is a non-profit international association set up under Belgian law.

After starting up in 2002 as a project of IETM, it became an independent association sans but lucratif in 2005, and a network of member organisations in 2010. The network now counts more than 70 member-organisations and individual members.

Board Members

Bojana Panevska (DutchCulture / TransArtists) – President

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar (Circostrada) – Secretary

Dace Resele (Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture) – Administrator

Lissa Kinnaer (Flanders Arts Institute) – Administrator

Mateja Lazar (Motovila) – Administrator

Matthew Covey (Tamizdat) – Administrator

Ouafa Belgacem (Culture Funding Watch) – Administrator

Tihana Pupovac (Kooperativa) – Administrator

Clymene Christoforou (D6: Culture in Transit) – Administrator

Giuliana Ciancio ( – Administrator

Nicola Smyth (Arts Council of England) – Administrator

Team members

Marie Le Sourd, Secretary General

Yohann Floch, Director of Operations

Katie Watts, Research and Publications Coordinator

Bernardo Queiros, Communications Officer

Claire Rosslyn Wilson, Data Officer

External support

Website management and data extraction: John Ellingsworth

Accounting: Abdallah Bahlit

For the translated versions of the summaries of its newsletter, On the Move receives the support of its members and partners: SGAE Foundation (Spanish version), IGBK (German version), and Chiara Baudino (Italian version).

On the Move’s secretariat works with a circle of researchers, consultants, project managers, and cultural professionals including for instance Jordi Baltà Portolés (Spain), Chrissie Faniadis (Sweden), Milica Ilic (Belgium / Serbia), Fanny Bouquerel (France / Italy), Lara Bourdin (France / Canada), Isabel Andreen (France), Matina Magkou (France / Greece), Katelijn Verstraete (Belgium / Singapore), Sophie Dowden (France / UK), Judith Staines (UK), etc.

One designer On the Move regularly works with is Marine Domec.