Working Groups

The working groups are a place for On the Move’s members to think and act together on the challenges facing the cultural mobility field.

  • A man, a refugee, is seen through the barrier of steel fencing.
    (En)forced Mobility
    The (En)forced Mobility working group shares practices, common actions, and advocacy tools in relation to artists or cultural professionals whose mobility is (en)forced – not purely voluntary.
  • A table covered with notes and post-its from a workshop/discussion at COP21.
    Green Context-specific Mobility
    This group explores problems, solutions, ideas and projects related to green mobility - understanding it as a global, intersectional challenge.
  • Open space quotes and post-it notes stuck to two big cardboard displays, reading things like 'Whatever happens is the only thing that could have' and 'When it's over it's over'.
    International Professional Development Programmes
    A group collaborating to improve the design and delivery of professional development programmes focused on international work.
  • A dozen or so people sitting around a conference table at a presentation on digital mobility.
    Mobility Funders
    Bringing together funders from different countries, this group aims to think collectively about the future of mobility funding – and the field as a whole.
  • Mobility Info Points logo - has the words contained in a large circle, with a smaller dark point inside it.
    Mobility Information Points
    Mobility Information Points (MIP) are information centres and/or websites who aim to tackle the administrative challenges artists and cultural professionals face when working across borders.