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  • Two former and one current president of On the Move's Board stand shoulder to shoulder - Marie Fol, Anna Galas-Kosil, Bojana Panevska.
    New Presidency and new Board members for On the Move (April and May 2023)
    The last General Assembly of On the Move that was held online on 13 April 2023 acknowledged the end of the mandate for Marie Fol as the President of On the Move. In Tunis on 8th of May, the Board elected its new President, Bojana Panevska and secretary Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar. 
    17 May 2023
  • Cultural Mobility Forum 2023
    Cultural Mobility Forum 2023 Livestream
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    5 May 2023
  • A balance scale weighs various art symbols (theatre masks, a violin, ballet shoes). Text: 'New US proposal on Artist Visas'.
    On the Move Joins 192 Organisations to Sign Letter on US Artist Visas Coordinated by Pearle*
    Alongside more than 190 cultural organisations, On the Move are calling for the Commission’s support on a US proposal that would increase the filing fees for artist visas, lengthen processing delays and limit the number of beneficiaries per petition.
    28 Feb 2023
  • Save the Date: Cultural Mobility Forum - Tunis, Tunisia & Online, 9-10 May 2023
    Cultural Mobility Forum 2023 – in Tunis, Tunisia and Online
    The 2023 edition of the Cultural Mobility Forum is an attempt to (re)contextualise the conversation on cross-border artistic mobility and environmental sustainability, unfolding the interdependencies between privileged (Western) Europe and other territories, investigating local practical sustainable solutions (e.g. on time, resources, well-being, local networks management) and listening to a variety of voices from the Global South.
    27 Feb 2023
  • SHIFT Culture logo - name next to three semi circles arranged into a design like a rotor blade.
    SHIFTing Towards Eco Practices: International Cultural Networks Take Lead
    Today, On the Move  together with 15 other international  cultural networks, launched the SHIFT eco-certification pilot phase. The aim of this process is to co-develop a bespoke eco-certification for cultural networks, taking into account their specific needs and working methods.
    30 Jan 2023
  • Around twenty cultural professionals seated in a discussion circle at the On the Move workshop in Slovenia.
    2022 Workshop for Cultural Mobility Developers in Slovenia: Dissemination Activities
    Since 2022 and as part of its multiannual programme co-funded by the Europe Union, On the Move proposes a workshop for cultural mobility developers. The main objective of this workshop is to build the capacity of artists and cultural professionals to support the internationalisation of artistic and cultural practices and adopt more value-driven approaches in their own contexts.
    20 Jan 2023
  • Group photo of On the Move's network - some 40 or so people standing outdoors on a Finnish island.
    OTM – To many more years of Cultural Mobility!
    As many of you know, 2022 has marked the 20th anniversary of On the Move. It all started back in 2002 when On the Move (before it even had a name) was born from an increasing demand for information and contacts regarding artists’ mobility and transnational exchange, and directed at the then small IETM Secretariat in Brussels.
    22 Dec 2022
  • Time to really act - The survey
    Time to (Really) Act: Follow-up Survey

    Time to (Really) Act: Follow-up survey into European Performing Arts Venues and Festivals, including their knowledge of, and accessibility for, Deaf and disabled performing artists.

    Deadline: 30 January 2023

    30 Nov 2022
  • Line drawing of a woman with black side-parted hair falling in a long fringe over the side of her face. Hettie Judah - Episode 8.
    On the Move x Points of Entry - A Podcast Episode on Parenthood and Mobility in the Arts

    illustration © Solene de Bony

    Version française ci-dessous.

    On the Move is collaborating with Points of Entry to take its first leap into the world of podcasting – curating an urgent conversation about the lack of support for art workers with children and how this intersects with cultural mobility.

    3 Nov 2022
  • On the Move - 20th Anniversary
    2022 is our year, On the Move turns 20 years old!
    You didn’t know? Yes, OTM was born 20 years ago … time flies. 20 wonderful years full of hard work, great moments & opportunities but also challenging obstacles. 20 years of growing together and learning from each and one of our members and accompanying them in the cultural mobility path. We have learnt a lot during this time. And we will keep on doing so in order to be able to offer you the latest information and opportunities related to cultural mobility in the arts & culture sector.
    16 May 2022
  • Mobility Spaces
    Mobility Spaces – On the Move Granted European Union Funding for Networks
    On the Move is pleased to announce we have been selected for the European Union funding (Creative Europe 2021-2027 - Network Strand) with the project Mobility Spaces (MxS).
    3 Feb 2022
  • In a bright warehouse space, a cluster of around 40 people sitting on chairs attend a presentation - the On the Move general meeting in Prague.
    On the Move is Recruiting a Communications and Project Officer
    On the Move is looking for a communications and project officer (80%) for a long-term contract. Applicants must be resident in Belgium and/or have a valid work permit for Belgium.
    3 Jan 2022
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