The Challenges of Mobility: Research, Debates and Practices

We work, travel, learn, seek, reflect, take part in dialogues, meet, discuss, and try to create a convivial atmosphere: this is the life story of the Arab Education Forum, and this is also how the story of this book started: from two seminars held three years apart, the idea of this book arose from an evident shortage of literature and knowledge about mobility as a tool for learning, dialogue, and artistic exchange and as a new-old paradigm around the Mediterranean basin.

But what kind of knowledge, ideas and visions, do mobility practices generate? How does mobility, and its restrictions, produce and contrast the transformation and alteration of geographies, borders, territories, cities and conflict areas? How do mobility practices contribute to creating new narratives, cultural representations and counter-representations? How could cultural mobility contribute to a responsible and sustainable transformation of society? What are the impacts of mobility? What can be learned through the analysis of the relationship between mobility, art, education, intercultural dialogue, human rights and volunteerism?

The present volume covers and reflects on these several crucial issues that shape the contemporary age, and provides some new and fresh perspectives about the challenges of mobility.

Editor(s): Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, Serene Huleileh*

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