Arts Managers in Foreign Regions

Cover for Arts Managers in Foreign Regions. At the bottom, illustrations of four wildly coloured, star-speckled aliens who look, variously, angry, curious and bored.

Edition No. 133 of Arts Management Quarterly is dedicated to Arts Managers in Foreign Regions.

Working in a foreign cultural context can open up a lot of potentials and new perspectives for arts managers. But it can also entail difficulties. Therefore, this issue reflects on internationalisation in the cultural sector from the point of view of arts and cultural managers from different regions of the world and fields of practice.

When intercultural exchange is concerned, the focus is usually on positive, expanding experiences. However, difficult aspects must also be included and are increasingly being addressed in the cultural sector, such as unequal power hierarchies and the dominance of certain regions and approaches, or different, sometimes underlying perceptions on specific aspects of daily work. And since arts and cultural managers cannot travel at the moment, now might be the time to reflect on and learn from former experiences, also for future digital forms of collaboration.