Briefing Note on Brexit for the Arts Sector

Cover for Briefing Note on Brexit for the Arts Sector. Title with abstract design of interlocking, snaking lines.

The International team of Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, has published a briefing note for the arts sector as we all prepare for the implications of Brexit. Wales Arts International is a member of On the Move.

As the briefing notes says:

“You might not think that Brexit is relevant to you.

However, if you…

• tour, travel or work internationally

• collaborate or co-produce with European partners

• sell goods and services abroad

• import goods and services into Wales

• employ or contract EU citizens

• are affected by international regulation

• have plans to develop international relationships

… then there will be important practical issues for you to consider.”

The briefing note in full can be seen by clicking here

You can also read the joint statement by EU Live Performance Social partners.