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Science Gallery Melbourne > Open Call for Exhibition, ‘SWARM’ (Australia)

Science Gallery Melbourne is seeking proposals for works that can be included as part of its 2021 exhibition SWARM.

At a time of unprecedented societal upheaval due to the current global viral pandemic, Science Gallery Melbourne is delving into the science and art behind what it means to be part of a pack. Have we become a plague overpopulating the world? Are we at risk of becoming culturally homogenous and less individual? Or are we becoming a superorganism capable of superior collective intelligence with the ambition to spread beyond the realms of the Earth?

Potential subthemes:

  • Tribalism, political movements, flashmobs, social networks.

  • Globalisation, overpopulation, colonisation.

  • Individual v’s the group.

  • Hivemind, groupthink, misinformation and memes.

  • Swarming behaviour in biology (social insects, bird murmurations etc).

  • Superorganisms.

  • Immune systems, herd immunity, pandemics.

  • Nanobots, drones, robotics, mechatronics, big data and swarm algorithms.

  • Science fiction, zombies.

Proposals are invited from around the world and can be for a new or existing artwork, performance, workshop, digital intervention, research project, or other activity. It’s strongly recommended that you keep the gallery’s target audience of young people aged 15-25 in mind and consider including interactive or participatory elements. 

Most projects are funded up to $8000 AUD (~4750 EUR), which includes all artist fees, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc. The gallery welcomes proposals that come in below that budget. They will also consider proposals for larger installations with a budget of up to $50,000 AUD (~29,650 EUR), with a focus on experimentation and interaction. These should have a genuine connection to the theme and target audience.


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