International Professional Development Programmes

Open space quotes and post-it notes stuck to two big cardboard displays, reading things like 'Whatever happens is the only thing that could have' and 'When it's over it's over'.

Set up in 2022, the main objective of this working group is to exchange on how to best design / conceptualise professional development programmes that can empower artists and cultural professionals to develop their careers internationally.

This working group builds on experiences gained through the ERASMUS+ project Learning Trajectories and the learning of the handbook for designing professional development programmes, with an international focus for live art workers (produced by On the Move).

This working group is driven by the importance of complementing access to information with specific professional development programmes that are sufficiently contextualised to equip artists and culture professionals to act internationally.

For activities of the group during 2022-2023, see the Perspective Report 2022 and the Perspective Report 2023, which collect details on the activities of all On the Move’s working groups.

Members are mentioned in an indicative way. More On the Move’s members are free to join the sessions.


Photo by Margherita Caprilli. Life on Mars event, organised by International gateway (October 2022).