Photograph - a radiant moon hangs over a dark swimming hall, its luminous body reflected in the water.

Luke Jerram Museum of the Moon Biela Noc 2017 Košice (Slovakia) © Jaroslav Novak

IN SITU is a European network focused on artistic creation in public space. Founded in 2003 and led by Lieux publics, the network brings together festivals, creation centres and other organisations who are inspired by the artistic movements that emerge from working in this field.

On the Move has been a long-term evaluator and outside eye for IN SITU’s projects – notably IN SITU Platform (2014-2017) and IN SITU ACT (2016-2020).

IN SITU Platform was a wide-ranging project that included showcase events, laboratories for artistic reflections, and a mobility programme for ‘ambassadors’ of arts in public space. Alongside internal reports prepared for the network and the European Commission, On the Move followed the project’s various meetings and activities (including training sessions on communication strategies) and provided embedded assessment and feedback throughout the implementation of the Platform.

For IN SITU ACT, On the Move has followed the same approach, embedding evaluation tools within the whole arc of the project and working with external contributors on three final public reports:

  • The first focuses on the pilot Project Pig by the UK-based organisation Kaleider. The report has been written by On the Move’s partner UCLG through the lens of their local policy document, Agenda 21 for Culture.
  • The second, authored by Judith Staines, looks at the IN SITU approach to artistic mentoring as developed through the project’s various artistic encounters.
  • The last report, written by Maïa Sert, took the form of a concise report, complete with infographics, to reflect on the key results and learnings of the MOOC Create in Public Space, developed by FAI-AR within the scope of the IN SITU ACT project.