Learning Trajectories

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Learning trajectories – Advancing European performing arts mentoring programmes – is an ERASMUS+ funded project, coordinated by EUNIA (Sweden), in collaboration with FACE-Fresh Arts Coalition Europe (France), Matera Hub (Italy) and On the Move (Belgium).

The overall objective of this project was:

  • to highlight best practices and examples of mentoring programmes developed, supported and/or facilitated by intermediary organisations and/or funding organisations and
  • to advance the quality of mentoring programmes that support the internationalisation of the European arts and culture sector, with a particular focus on performing arts (theatre, dance, circus, art in public space, cross-disciplinary and hybrid formats in particular).

This project was articulated around three main focal points of investigation and experimentation:

  • how to facilitate the access to key resources and relevant professional information from other contexts – Focus: Market profiles and key characteristics of countries / regions
  • which mentoring methodologies and tools can be used and further developed to support cultural professionals – Focus: Comparative analysis to existing mentoring programmes
  • how to organise curated mobility experiences and prospection trips – Focus: Prospection approach (preparation, implementation and follow-ups).

The project was a space to challenge our preconceptions on professional development, notably in terms of definitions (mentoring vs professional development programmes, prospection vs contextualisation, etc.) and the values embedded in such programmes.

In terms of dissemination events, On the Move contributed to the event organised by FACE in Paris on the topic Residences and professional development (Mobilities Europe / The World) on 28th of March 2022, organised a session on 18 May 2022 in Brussels during the Producers’ Academy (International Professional Development Programmes in the Performing Arts: Do we Need More of Them or More Contextualised Ones?), and took part in the final dissemination event on 7-9 September 2022 in Malmö, organised by EUNIA (Malmö Talks: Skills).

The main projects’ publications are below. You can also check the full list of Learning Trajectories publications (including versions in Italian, French and Swedish) on the website of our partner, FACE and on the Learning Trajectories website.