Learning Trajectories

Learning Trajectories logo - the letters are styled into paths that overflow and connect one another.

Learning trajectories – Advancing European performing arts mentoring programmes – is an ERASMUS+ funded project, coordinated by EUNIA (Sweden), in collaboration with FACE-Fresh Arts Coalition Europe (France), Matera Hub (Italy) and On the Move (Belgium).

The overall objective of this project is:

  • to highlight best practices and examples of mentoring programmes developed, supported and/or facilitated by intermediary organisations and/or funding organisations and
  • to advance the quality of mentoring programmes that support the internationalisation of the European arts and culture sector, with a particular focus on performing arts (theatre, dance, circus, art in public space, cross-disciplinary and hybrid formats in particular).

This project will be articulated around three main focal points of investigation and experimentation:

  • how to facilitate the access to key resources and relevant professional information from other contexts – Focus: Market profiles and key characteristics of countries / regions
  • which mentoring methodologies and tools can be used and further developed to support cultural professionals – Focus: Comparative analysis to existing mentoring programmes
  • how to organise curated mobility experiences and prospection trips – Focus: Prospection approach (preparation, implementation and follow-ups).