Photograph showing a line of people on a pier, walking towards a city in the distance - Glasgow. Grey sky.

Founded as a partnership between 18 European cultural organisations, GALA – Green Art Lab Alliance aimed to explore what environmental sustainability means in visual arts and design.

During a two-year collaboration supported by the EU’s Culture Programme, partners worked with designers, artists and scientists to investigate the challenges and opportunities that environmental sustainability implies for artists and art institutions. The overall aim was to share knowledge and raise awareness amongst artists, citizens and policymakers.

As a partner in the project, On the Move co-organised a workshop on green issues in cultural mobility with ITI – Germany and IGBK. Held in Berlin over two days, 12-13 March 2014, the workshop targeted EU funders (public and private) and cultural policymakers interested in including green criteria within their support for culture and cultural mobility in particular. As part of the project’s permanent legacy, we also produced a special funding guide detailing funding opportunities for arts and culture projects related to environmental sustainability.

Following on from the EU Culture project, GALA has remained active as an informal network, expanding to an international scope with new members particularly from Asia and Latin America.