Culture Backstage

Promo image for Culture Backstage - a partial European map where the shapes of the countries are filled in with various urban outdoor photos.

Culture Backstage was a training programme funded by ERASMUS+ that helped young cultural entrepreneurs from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland to develop and carry out projects on a European scale.

Over a period of 13 months, selected participants in Culture Backstage followed courses, participated in workshops, and built connections while traveling to six partner institutions in five locations: Scuola Holden in Turin, Heimathafen theater and Public Art Lab in Berlin, Czulosc Arts Centre in Warsaw, Creature in Paris, and On the Move in Brussels. In the time since, three of the Backstage participants have gone on to work as coordinators for EU-funded projects with INES, Circostrada and FEDEC.

On the Move’s leg of the training took place 24-28 June 2019 and focused on communication strategies in partnership with Zinnema.