Europe Beyond Access symposium: ‘Disability and Transforming the Cultural Ecosystem'

A white man with one arm bent, one arm stretched looks strongly into the camera against a grey, dusky background.

What is the current cultural landscape for European artists, arts professionals and audiences with disabilities in 2023? What recent advances have been made on a national and European basis?

How can all cultural professionals, arts organisations, national institutions and cultural policymakers play a part in transforming the cultural ecosystem in the years to come? These questions and more will be answered through contributions from Mariya Gabriel - European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth - and from European cultural networks, national Arts Councils & Ministries of Culture and leading disabled artists, including Demy Papathanasiou (GR), Aristide Rontini (IT) and On the Move.

This event will be live streamed from Brussels and has free registration.

Image: Studio Lampyris Noctiluca di Francesco Mazzola con Aristide Rontini, Credit: Aristide Rontini, Studio Lampyris Noctiluca. Photo: Francesco Mazzola.