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  • Schengen Visa Code and Cultural Mobility: Latest Insights with a Focus on Artists and Culture Professionals from the African Continent
    Schengen Visa Code and Cultural Mobility: Latest Insights with a Focus on Artists and Culture Professionals from the African Continent
    Insights on the visa process from surveys of artists/professionals and host organisations.
    Posted 4 October 2023
  • Survey: Visas - Culture professionals and artists from Africa, and host organisations based in a Schengen country. Have your say!
    Visas: Mobility from African Countries to Schengen Countries: Host Organisations and Artists - Have Your Say!
    This questionnaire is aimed at host/inviting organisations (cultural venue, festival, residency place, biennale etc.) based and registered in a Schengen country that have encountered visa problems and/or refusals for artists and culture professionals they invited from African countries.
    Posted 27 April 2023
  • Publication cover with graphic of upward leading ramp built from tessellated triangles.
    Social Protection in the Cultural and Creative Sector: Country Practices and Innovations
    The paper reviews policy and legal frameworks in selected countries (Global, Mexico, United States of America, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland) that have pursued specific solutions to extend social security in the creative and culture sector, in order to identify entry points and mechanisms for expanding coverage. Policy options ensuring the adequacy and the sustainability of such systems are discussed, taking into account particular employment circumstances in the sector, such as fluctuating employment status, irregular incomes, intermittent nature of work, and geographic mobility.
    Posted 24 April 2021
  • European Commission logo, featuring an azure flag carrying a circle of gold stars.
    European Commission: ‘Entering the EU – Online Visa Application Process and Digital Visa’ Consultation
    The European Commission is aiming to introduce a digital visa to replace the paper visa sticker currently used, and to enable those planning to travel to the EU to submit their visa application online. The Commission has opened a consultation to obtain the views of citizens and stakeholders on the envisaged initiative, with feedback given through a questionnaire.
    Posted 12 March 2021
  • Cover for Zone Franche's visa guide, shows upward-facing photograph of a man in an orange shirt, against a blue sky.
    Guide pratique des visas (Seconde édition)
    Le 27 novembre 2020, Zone Franche a mis en ligne la seconde édition du Guide pratique des visas, dont la première édition avait été publiée en décembre 2016 lors des Transmusicales de Rennes. Cette refonte du Guide permet une compréhension. plus détaillée des avancées réglementaires et législatives en matière de circulation des artistes en Europe et dans le monde. Il donne les clés des bonnes pratiques et les outils nécessaires aux professionnels tout au long du parcours d’une demande de visa. Zone Franche a travaillé avec MobiCulture pour la rédaction de ce guide.
    Posted 30 November 2020
  • Cover for Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers. Text on background of tinted image of two dancers mid-step with heads thrown back, a little motion blur.
    Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Visas for Third Country National Artists travelling to the Schengen Area
    This booklet gives you information on visas for the Schenghen Area, what types there are, who needs them, how and where to lodge your application as well as useful advice and tips to help visa applicants and performance hosts to navigate the process. This new edition follows the successful synergy partnership between EFA and Pearle* - Live Performance Europe started in 2014, in the context of EFA RISE, to improve general knowledge of the legal and managerial aspects of cross-border cultural cooperation and counts with similar publications on Social Security, Artist Taxation, VAT, Copyright Clearing for Live Events.
    Posted 2 June 2020
  • Cover for Zone Franche's visa guide, shows upward-facing photograph of a man in an orange shirt, against a blue sky.
    Guide pratique des visas / Practical guide to Visas in France
    Zone Franche, le réseau des musiques du monde et le Comité Visas Artistes ont lancé le 2 décembre 2016 aux Trans Musicales de Rennes le Guide pratique des visas à l’attention des professionnels de la culture. Ce guide a été rédigé par Anaïs Lukacs, Coordinatrice de MobiCulture - membre d’On the Move - pour Zone Franche. / Zone Franche, the network of world music and the Comité Visas Artistes launched on 2 December 2016 during the Trans Musicales Festival in Rennes the practical guide to visas in France for cultural professionals. This guide, now available in English, has been written by Anais Luckas, Coordinator of MobiCulture, On the Move’s member, for Zone Franche.
    Posted 11 September 2017
  • Social Security and Mobility of Visual Artists
    On November 4, 2016 the IGBK (International association for visual arts in Germany) and IAA Europe (International Association of Art-Europe) cooperated on an international workshop on social security and artists’ mobility in Europe, that took place in the Haus der Kulturverbände in Berlin. On the Move and its members (mobility info. points) contributed to the workshop.
    Posted 25 May 2017
  • The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Taxation of Artists in an International Context
    The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Taxation of Artists in an International Context is the second publication of the RISE project. The European Festivals Association (EFA) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe have teamed up to improve knowledge on legal and managerial aspects on cross-border cooperation within the EFA RISE project.
    Posted 18 January 2017
  • First page (lots of text) of Access to Social Protection publication.
    Access to Social Protection
    The forms of employment are diversifying. Are these “atypical” operating modes impacting access to social protection for workers who don’t have a conventional employment status? How do changes on the European labour market impact access to social protection? Read CAE report and reflection paper.
    Posted 6 August 2016
  • Tamizdat logo - name next to a drawing of a megaphone.
    TamizdatAVAIL: US Visa Solving Project for the Performing Arts Sector
    TamizdatAVAIL (‘Artist Visa Assistance and Information Line’) provides pro bono assistance to the international performing arts community with U.S. visa problems.
    Posted 7 February 2015
  • Cover for EENC publication - title on a blank white page.
    Artists’ Mobility and Administrative Practices Related to Social Security and Taxation in the European Union
    The report maps the obstacles, in the fields of social security and taxation, which artists and cultural professionals face when they are mobile or seek to be mobile in the EU.
    Posted 25 July 2014
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