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  • Sudkulturfonds
    Sudkulturfonds: Incubator Call for Workshop Proposals (Online)
    Incubator is an initiative calling for workshop proposals to equip artists with the hands-on knowledge required to successfully design, coordinate, and facilitate online workshops across six categories: Immigration, Migration, Mobility; Gender and Equity; Climate Action; Indigenous, Afro, and Caribbean Cosmogonies; Food Futures; Conversation Through Curation.
    Posted 8 September 2023
  • Sounds Now.
    Sounds Now: Curating Diversity Course at Ultima 2023 (Norway)
    The 3rd edition of the Sounds Now Curating Diversity Course takes place in Oslo at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival from 19-23 September 2023 and will be led by Sounds Now Associated Artists meLê yamomo and Irene Revell. Aspiring as well as experienced cultural professionals with a proven interest in musical programming that goes beyond received stereotypes of genre, and who conceive of their work as engaged with critical issues of social diversity and inclusion, are invited to apply.
    Posted 5 June 2023
  • Moving Identities
    Moving Identities: Residencies on European Identities in the Performing Arts
    Under the Moving Identities project, 6 European residency institutions are looking for companies of established performing artists of 2-5 people based in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Norway, and Spain. The programme targets applicants who can relate to / explore themes of diversity and inclusion within European Identities.
    Posted 1 May 2023
  • A symbol of an equals sign, contained in a circle, and divided by an intersecting diagonal line.
    #MeToo in the Arts: From call-outs to structural change
    Through research and main observations, this SHIFT publication starts by nuancing some preconceptions about the status quo of Gender and Power Relations in the arts while taking into consideration the diversity of contexts in Europe.
    Posted 27 January 2022
  • The female and male gender symbols combined to create a circle orbited by an arrow and a cross. In the middle is an equals sign.
    SHIFT Annotated Bibliography on Gender and Power Relations
    This publication is part of SHIFT’s research into gender and power-relations and focuses on sexual harassment in the culture and creative sectors.
    Posted 16 November 2021
  • Colourful blue blobs arranged around the words 'Mission Diversity'.
    Music Innovation Hub: Mission Diversity Project Funding for New Musical Projects
    Mission Diversity is an international call, open to organisations (profit and non-profit) from the creative, cultural and musical world who want to present new musical projects involving women and underrepresented gender minorities and speaking to issues of gender and cultural diversity. Production for selected projects will take place between November 2021 and May 2022.
    Posted 18 October 2021
  • First page of SHIFT publication on Gender & Power Relations: lots of text!
    Gender & Power Relations: SHIFT Key Findings
    This document aims to share and put into discussion some first major takeaways from the SHIFT project’s work on Gender and Power Relations.
    Posted 6 October 2021
  • Icon-like illustration of two open hands below a human figure.
    SHIFT Annotated Bibliography on Inclusion
    The SHIFT Inclusion Annotated Bibliography is designed to support cultural networks and organisations of all kinds in navigating and engaging with the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It comprises a selection of 101 resources, including toolkits, checklists, tests, articles, reports and guides.
    Posted 21 September 2021
  • Kunstenpunt logo - name in caps and then a gap running through the middle, like someone has drawn an eraser through the centre of the word.
    Flanders Arts Institute: Call for Proposals, ‘Diversity in the Arts’
    Flanders Arts Institute is calling for proposals for projects that can improve diversity in the arts field in Flanders and Brussels. Artistic projects are not supported, but otherwise a wide range of initiatives from tools to knowledge networks can be proposed, and by applicants around the world.
    Posted 22 June 2021
  • Front cover of Time to Act - white page with title text and partner logos.
    Time to Act: How Lack of Knowledge in the Cultural Sector Creates Barriers for Disabled Artists and Audiences
    Time to Act: How lack of knowledge in the cultural sector creates barriers for disabled artists and audiences presents the preliminary findings from On the Move’s ongoing research for the British Council as part of Europe Beyond Access. This major new study is based on a review of literature, a large-scale open survey, and a series of interviews.
    Posted 3 June 2021
  • Gallery with three projected video screens on a curving wall, showing a street, a close-up of a child's face and a suburban road.
    Tate: Call for Papers, ‘Consent not to be a Single Being: Worlding the Caribbean’ Symposium (UK / Online)
    As part of the Worlding Public Cultures London Academy, the symposium ‘Consent not to be a single being: Worlding the Caribbean’ will take the Caribbean and Caribbean thought as a starting point to reconsider global histories of art in the context of migration and environmental precarity. Scholars and practitioners are invited to submit papers for presentation, which may be either in person or online. The symposium will take place in December 2021 (dates tbc).
    Posted 29 March 2021
  • A curling white line on a background of blue and turquoise squares.
    Room to Bloom: Open Call for Young Artists with a Feminist, Ecological and/or Postcolonial Art Practice (Online / Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Greece)
    The Room to Bloom platform will collectively select a group of 100 emerging feminist artists to participate in a mix of trainings, workshops and talks throughout the year. Programme activities run mostly online June - November 2021. Selected participants will also be offered the possibility to propose works for production (15 works selected) later this year, to be presented during international events and exhibitions (Palermo, Kyiv Biennale, Warszawa Biennale, AthenSyn Festival).
    Posted 29 March 2021
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