Funding guides

Produced in collaboration with local partners, our mobility funding guides cover more than 60 countries and territoires – from Brazil to Taiwan.

Funding guides for more than 60 countries and territoires – from Brazil to Taiwan.

Cover for Netherlands Mobility Guide. Purple background, title text at top and below a graphic of dozens of small black lines in a kind of wave formation.
Mobility Funding Guide to the Netherlands
Cover for GALA funding guide. Abstract composition of irregular shapes in yellow, black and green.
GALA Funding Guide for Arts and Culture Projects Related to Environmental Sustainability
Cover for MENA Region Mobility Guide. Text on solid green background.
Mobility Funding Guide to the Arab Region
Cover for Mobility Funding Guide to France - title on purple background with graphic depicting a network.
Mobility Funding Guide to France
Cover for Mobility Funding Guide to Taiwan. Title on a blue background, combined with some white symbols: a cross, an arrow, an arc, an equals sign.
Mobility Funding Guide to Taiwan


A man, a refugee, is seen through the barrier of steel fencing.
Publications, Projects and Mapping Studies Related to Refugees and Migrants
EU flag - twelve gold stars arranged in a circle on an azure background.
Brexit: Online Resources for Culture Professionals
A crowded field of differently coloured passports. They are leafed open and standing up, caught in the process of moving forwards in a stop motion animation.
Cultural Mobility and Visas

Mobility library

Discover reports, policy documents, guides and other publications – from On the Move and around the wider sector.

Reports, policy documents, guides and more from around the sector.

'Time to Act' is a research report authored by On The Move, and commissioned by the British Council in the context of Europe Beyond Access.
Time to Act: How Lack of Knowledge in the Cultural Sector Creates Barriers for Disabled Artists and Audiences
A stream of multicoloured lines - like something disappearing down a wormhole. 'EU funding for Culture 2021-2027'.
EU Funding for Culture
The female and male gender symbols combined to create a circle orbited by an arrow and a cross. In the middle is an equals sign.
SHIFT Annotated Bibliography on Gender and Power Relations
First page of SHIFT publication on Gender & Power Relations: lots of text!
Gender & Power Relations: SHIFT Key Findings
Their head and face covered by black cloth, a dancer tilts strangely to the side, hands at their face.
Dance Mobility in Times of Fracture