• Cover for UNESCO publication on working conditions for artists. Title on graphic of a green circle, one quarter of it split away and sliding downwards.
    Policy & Research Series on Cultural Policy and Governance
    Year: 2019
    Online Publications
  • Cover for Erasmus study - text on a white background.
    Evaluation du Programme Erasmus+ dans l'enseignement supérieur culture et projet d' Erasmus de la culture
    Ministère français de la Culture
    Year: 2018
    Online Publications
  • Reflective Practice: Evaluation in Arts Education
    Year: 2016
    Online Publications
  • Study on Cultural Training in the ACP Countries / Etude sur les formations culturelles dans les pays ACP
    Year: 2015
    Online Publications
  • The Network Charter on Ethics and Deontology for Educational and Artistic Directors of Circus Schools
    Year: 2012
    Online Publications
  • The Status of Artists in Europe
    ERICARTS, European Parliament
    Year: 2006
    Online Publications
  • Europeans on the Move
    European Commission
    Year: 2006
    Online Publications