(Un)learning Together: Discourses, Moments and Conflicts that Make the World Bigger than the World of Art

In June 2012, World of Art (School for curators and critics of contemporary art, Ljubljana, SI) has concluded year and a half long project Leonardo Mobility in which they collaborated with:

  • ECM (Postgraduate educating, curating and managing studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna),
  • University Jagiellonski Krakov (Postgraduate museological curatorial studies) and
  • KURZIV (platform for culture, media and society Zagreb).

The partnership was focused on vocational training of Curatorial Studies, Art Critical Studies, Museum Studies, and Art Journalism. They have been examining the best practices of vocational training strategies, methods and curriculum, developing a vocational program for curators, critics and art journalists of contemporary arts and searching for alternative models of art education.

To present to a broader public their findings, conclusion, ideas and to illustrate all process the partners prepared visualy rich vocational reader.

Download the Vocational reader (pdf)