The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - The EU Green Deal and Live Performance Organisations

A marching band in full regalia marches through a grassy field lined by trees.

Navigate the jungle of EU law and get a better understanding of the many initiatives related to the EU Green Deal.

This new brochure aims at explaining the principles of EU Climate Goals and will help you identify Green Deal initiatives that are relevant to the live performance sector.

In this way, it will allow organisations to gear their day-to-day activities towards European climate targets. It also encourages you to screen different aspects of daily work and shift your mindset to actively contribute to the EU goal to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

Covering all fields of the EU Green Deal impacting the live performance sector, from the circular economy to energy-related questions, sustainable mobility schemes and green funding strategies, this booklet will become your best companion for a greener future.