Time to Act: Two Years On, Data-led Insights on Performing Arts and Disability in Europe

Time to Act: Two Years On. Data-led Insights on Performing Arts & Disability in Europe.

Two years on from the ground-breaking Time to Act report, British Council has commissioned On the Move - to conduct a follow-up report looking further into the knowledge gaps in the cultural sector that contribute towards inequalities for disabled artists and audiences.

This new report reveals data-led insights into the accessibility, inclusion, international mobility and professional development of disabled artists in the European performing arts sector, as well as the progress made over the past few years. The report combines a regional focus, covering all the countries participating in the Creative Europe programme (as well as Switzerland the UK), with more detailed analyses of the progress made in three of the countries where Europe Beyond Access has operated – namely, Italy, Poland, and Sweden.

The study is part of the large-scale Arts and Disability project, Europe Beyond Access. Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, this initiative aims to support disabled artists to break the glass ceilings of the contemporary theatre and dance sectors. The core partners of the project are British Council (operating for this project in the UK and Poland), Onassis Stegi (Greece), Holland Dance Festival (The Netherlands), Kampnagel (Germany), Per.Art (Serbia), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), and Oriente Occidente (Italy).

Author: Jordi Baltà Portolés (Trànsit Projectes).
Data analysis and editing: John Ellingsworth (On the Move).
Coordination: Marie Le Sourd (On the Move).
Design: Marine Domec.

Preface by Ben Evans, Project Director, Europe Beyond Access; Head of Arts & Disability, European Union Region, British Council.

Support communication and translation at the British Council: Katee Woods.

The Executive Summary of the report is available in English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

The Executive Summary is also available in International Sign.