Sustainability, Resilience and Performance Utopias

In the 2015 edition of TINFO News – Sustainability, Resilience and Performance Utopias, we are interested in utopic thinking that reveals the potential for (sustainable) change. We are also interested in exploring coping strategies in the artistic process, how critical meanings are articulated in artistic performances. We want to introduce artists and works that strive to expose the prevailing practices and rules governing speech, beliefs and activity, present critiques of arts institutions and pose entirely new problems and questions to be solved through means of performance and representation. The stage, when viewed in a Guénouian sense as a place of coming together, is, at its deepest essence, radically utopian. We want to discover how the performer and performances – the field in general – can practice the politics of social empathy. By Hanna Helavuori, the director of Theatre Info Finland (TINFO).