In Search of Equal Partners: On Being a SWANA Artist and Cultural Worker in the EU

In Search of Equal Partners: On Being a SWANA Artist and Cultural Worker in the EU

Culture Action Europe’s publication In Search of Equal Partners was developed in the framework of the ‘Engaging with SWANA/MENA cultural agents in the EU’ project, supported by the Open Society Foundations (OSF). The objective was to involve this community in advocating and shaping European cultural policies and funding schemes that are more inclusive and better safeguard fundamental rights (including working conditions, mobility, freedom of artistic expression and gender equality).

MENA is an internationally acknowledged acronym for the Middle East and North Africa. However, experts in the reading panels indicated a clear consensus that the MENA term should be avoided, as it is rooted in colonial cartography that places England at its centre, and the term South-West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) was suggested instead. 

Culture Action Europe’s research study reveals particular circumstances, realities and patterns of SWANA artists and cultural workers residing in the EU and determines which are the main challenges to living a fulfilling professional life as well as cooperating with other EU peers. And this in the light of the COVID-19 crisis which has abruptly aggravated those working and living conditions.

Main researcher: Yamam Al-Zubaidi. 

Researchers: Reem Abd Ulhamid, Nawar Alhusari, Jumana Al-Yasiri, Ceyda Berk-Söderblom, Houari Bouchenak, Eyad Houssami, Rana Issa, Rajae Mechkour, Meriem Mehadji, Sepideh Rahaa, Fairooz Tamimi and Amna Walayat. 

Experts: Marcin Górski, Marie Le Sourd (On the Move), Gabriele Rosana. 

Culture Action Europe: Tere Badia, Mamen Garcia.

On the Move is a member of Culture Action Europe.