RTLB.RU - Theatre Information Gateway for Russia

Screenshot of RTLB.RU homepage, chock full of information.

The Web resource of Theatre Union of Russia - a theatre information gateway for Russia and about Russia – is now online (sicne 2007).

The bilingual resource is designed for both Russian and International theatre professionals, and is to provide information on Theatre Festivals in Russia; News, Announcements, and General Coverage of Russian Theatre Life; International Cultural Cooperation Programs including Events and Festivals, Networking and Funding, relevant Publications.

Rtlb.ru was established to advance availablity of and to increase access to relevant information for performing arts professionals in Russia, about Russia, and on international cooperation. We attain these goals by:

  • announcing open calls for participation in Russia and other countries; we additionally announce some of these calls in English
  • publishing data on regular Russian professional performing arts festivals that is available online and in print
  • publishing of concise InFocus articles covering main developments in Russian theatre life
  • providing other relevant information to support and stimulate cross border projects, e.g. publications, links to articles, etc.
  • providing advice to Russian practitioners on matters of international cooperation, and to foreign colleagues on Russian theatre
  • co-organizing training events on international mobility

Russian Theatre Life in Brief / Rtlb.ru is an information project of Russian Theatre Union - a professional society in the sector of performing arts in Russia. Currently the project is maintained by International Department of the Union.

Russian Theatre Union is a member of IETMENICPAOTM (On-the-move.org), and International Department liaises with these international networks on behalf of the Union.