Resources from the Cultural Mobility Forum 2024

Three people seated on a stage on soft chairs and laughing, a small table in front of them with cups and bottles filled with water.

On 25 and 26 April 2024, OTM hosted its third Cultural Mobility Forum in Caernarfon, Wales in collaboration with Wales Arts International and online, thanks to HowlRound. Throughout the two days, more than 170 people joined the event: members’ representatives of On the Move together with a wide range of local, national, and international stakeholders in the field of culture and arts.

Why a Cultural Mobility Forum?

As part of its multiannual programme co-funded by the European Union, each year On the Move proposes a Cultural Mobility Forum to collectively investigate international artistic and cultural mobility trends. As a unique knowledge platform, the network works together with its members and partners to design thematic panel discussions. These in turn address the main points from On the Move’s annual Cultural Mobility Yearbook monitoring mobility opportunities and funding schemes, analysing flows and obstacles, and raising awareness of burning issues.

Focus 2024: training and professional development programme

The 2024 Cultural Mobility Forum, articulated around four panel discussions, aimed to imagine new horizons for professional development programmes with an international dimension.

By ‘professional development programme’, we mean a set of activities such as individual or collective training courses, masterclasses, coaching and mentoring sessions, or creative apprenticeship opportunities that enable artists and culture professionals to enhance their practice and invest in skills that will help them build a sustainable professional pathway.

If you could not attend the event or missed one of the panels, do not worry! We have uploaded all of them to our YouTube channel:

Panel discussion 1: ‘International professional development: points of departure, points of arrival’

Panel discussion 2: ‘Valuing international cultural collaboration’

Panel discussion 3: ‘Internationalisation from the peripheries’

Panel discussion 4: ‘Future international collaborations: future skills and future standards’

Moreover, many resources and materials were shared and disseminated during the Forum. Here you can find a compilation of all of them in case you want to dig deeper into the topic of mobility and professional development programmes.

Last but not least, for further reference, you can also take a look at our flagship publication, OTM Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2024, where we analyse cultural mobility trends with a particular focus on training and professional development.

Acknowledgments for the local support

On the Move would like to thank very much Wales Arts International and the Arts Council of Wales for their support and wonderful hospitality. Check this link for a short video coverage of the Forum and related activities.

On the Move is also very grateful to the support of the British Council that allowed the participation of a delegation of Ukrainian professionals including from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian Institute.

Photo: Iolo Penry Photography-Iolo Penri Ffotograffiaeth. From left to right: Katelijn Verstraete, Marwane Fachane and Kim-Marie Spence (panel 3).