Operational Proposals for the New EU Culture Programme (2014 - 2020) to Improve the Support of Mobility in the Cultural Sector in Europe

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On the Move has endorsed and contributed to the common position of the mobility pilot projects on the new EU Culture programme. This joint paper was oficially presented to the European Commission at the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting that took place in Brussels on the 16th February.

On the Move, Changing Room, PRACTICS and SPACE are dealing on a daily basis with the mobility of art, artists and cultural professionals in all its diverse forms.

We all strongly believe that an EU Culture Programme supporting mobility is important and needs to be maintained in the future; we are also all convinced that there is room for improving the modalities of how Europe should support cultural mobility and on what type of mobility and support it should focus primarily.

We have put together some operational proposals on how the future EU Culture Programme could support in a simple and straightforward way the mobility of small and medium-sized cultural operators, individual artists and non-artistic cultural professionals.