One Voice for European Music

One Voice for European Music - Summary of Recommendations

Initiated by the Centre national de la musique (CNM) in September 2021, the ‘One Voice for European Music’ process is designed to strengthen the EU’s action in the field of support to the music sector, using the momentum of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Complementing the crucial advocacy work delivered through the AB Music Working Groups and the European Agenda for Music, its main objective is to bring together many relevant and active European music organisations in order to create a single voice for European music and to set in motion a new dynamic around key themes: mobility, knowledge of the sector, innovation, green transition…

The outcome of this process is a set of inclusive and consensual, realistic, concise and actionable recommendations in order to fully unlock the potential of the Music Moves Europe process, in the general interest of the European music sector. The results of this consultation were presented on 6 April 2022 in Strasbourg during a One Voice for European Music day, an event labelled PFUE by the French Ministry of Culture.

On the Move, together with 30 organisations and networks, contributed to the working group on mobility.