Moving Arts: Managing the Carbon Impacts of our Touring

Cover for volume 1 of Julies' Bicycles Moving Arts series: title text presented simply on a slate grey background.

Moving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally. The research, in three volumes, is led by a detailed set of recommendations and a new online tool for measuring carbon emissions before and after a tour. The author is Julie’s Bicycle, a broad coalition of music, theatre and scientific experts committed to delivering a concerted response to climate change.

The research is funded by the music industry alongside the British Council, Arts Council and Orchestras Live with support from the Association of British Orchestras.

Lead researcher Catherine Bottrill has been joined by Christina Tsiarta to analyse nearly 100 samples ranging from small club artists, chamber orchestras and small touring companies to stadium tours, symphony orchestras and major west end productions.

This research is a valuable resource to inspire further debate and hopefully to be a step change in helping performing art producers and presenters make better-informed decisions about how they choose to run their industry.