More Flexible Schengen Visa Rules: New Proposal from the European Commission

On April 1st, 2014 the European Commission released a new proposal on More flexible visa rules to boost growth and job creation

Many non-EU nationals wishing to travel to the EU are often faced with cumbersome, lengthy and costly visa procedures. The proposals presented today will seriously shorten and simplify the procedures for those wanting to come to the EU for short stays, and induce more cost savings and less bureaucracy, whilst maintaining the level of security. Making the access to the Schengen area easier for legitimate travellers will facilitate visiting friends and relatives and doing business. It will boost economic activity and job creation in, for instance, the tourism sector as well as in related activities such as restaurant and transport industries. 

“Europe needs a smarter visa policy. We need to attract more tourists, business people, researchers, students, artists and culture professionals to our shores. Now, we want to boost our economy and create new jobs by underlining the economic dimension in our visa policy, while keeping a high level of security at our borders. Today’s proposals will greatly facilitate the procedures for short stay visitors. Thanks to these proposals we expect a serious increase of travellers in the years to come,” said Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs.

The proposal includes amendments to the existing EU Visa Code and the creation of a new Touring visa, particularly interesting for performing artists visiting the EU from third countries.

The proposal now needs to be discussed by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. On the Move will follow the process closely and keep you up-to-date!