The Mobility of Works of Art in Europe

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This report done by Dorota Ilczuk, Magdalena Kulikowska and Aleksandra Litorowicz (Pro Cultura Foundation, Warsaw, Poland) was published by the European Parliament in April 2009.

This note provides a panorama of the existing obstacles to the circulation of works of art in the European Union, both for non-commercial purposes and as part of the art market. It focuses on the situation of private galleries. The authors explain how the EU influences the circulation of works of art via its legal framework and make some suggestions on how it could contribute to improving on the status quo.

La mobilité des oeuvres d’art en Europe.

Ce rapport, écrit par Dorota Ilczuk, Magdalena Kulikowska et Aleksandra Litorowicz (Pro Cultura Foundation, Varsovie, Pologne) a été publié par le Parlement Européen en avril 2009.