Mobility Webinar - UK & EU Mobility Flows in the Visual Arts

For this Webinar, On the Move collaborated with Wales Arts International and Arts Infopoint UK to exchange on the artistic and cultural mobility flows between EU’s Member-States and the United Kingdom. After a COVID-19 pandemic which put many cross-border collaboration to a halt, arts professionals and organisations gradually discovered the new circumstances to travelling from one context to the other. Travel restrictions and other health-related measures being slowly lifted on the two sides of the Channel, many practitioners had to get acquainted with a new set of rules to circulate, stay and present work.

Across 2021, many conversations took place in the performing arts field and the creative industries to raise awareness of these new circumstances and address grassroots players’ needs in relation to transnational EU-UK cultural initiatives. Both On the Move and Arts Infopoint UK have led or contributed to many sectoral events to provide support and guidance to cultural stakeholders. Mobility Information Points (MIP) have been increasing their effort to better help UK- and EU-based arts professionals when dealing with post-Brexit issues, from visas to customs rules.

With this webinar we aimed to provide a platform to share more stories and information from the visual arts ecosystem, as we observe its specificities (e.g. from freelance artists and curators to artist-in-residence programmes not always equipped to navigate heavy administrative processes) and concerns to maintain fruitful cultural relations.

A webinar co-funded by the European Union, in collaboration with Howlround.

Download the webinar’s key resources