Mobility Webinar - Parenting, Care and Cultural Mobility

For this Mobility Webinar, On the Move explores the tensions between cultural mobility and parental responsibility in the EU and internationally. Considering that transnational collaboration and mobility is an integral part of the trajectory of artists and culture professionals, we discuss how our ecosystem considers and manages parenthood, particularly for women, at the different stages of the creative value chain.

This online discussion follows an episode of the podcast Points of Entry that was commissioned by On the Move and produced with the support of the French Ministry of Culture. It features a conversation with London-based journalist and critic Hettie Judah, author of the 2022 book How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and Other Parents). She addresses how discrimination against parenthood in the arts is an international issue, what arts professionals with care-taking responsibilities might need when they travel for their work, and what cultural organisations could do to be more parent-friendly.

In this webinar we share more stories and information to highlight how structural limitations, lack of knowledge and awareness, generate inequalities in accessing international work opportunities in the arts and cultural sector, as well as sharing resources which are linked below.

Moderator: Yohann Floch (Directors of Operations, On the Move)


  • Cassie Raine (PiPA, Parents and Carers In Performing Arts, United Kingdom)
  • Emeka Udemba (Project Space Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Louise-Michèle You (L’avant-Courrier, France)

A webinar co-funded by the European Union, in collaboration with Howlround.