Mobility Infopoint Mapping in Italy

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The study was carried out by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, the Italian partner of PRACTICS, between 2009 and 2010.

In line with the aims of the PRACTICS project, the study pursued two main goals:

  • mapping the Italian situation of information offer and demand related to culture mobility, and
  • defining a set of quality criteria to apply to a Mobility Infopoint which could possibly be set up in Italy.

The study must not be intended as a comprehensive picture of every single form of support for mobility currently available in Italy; it rather highlights the main features and trends of mobility support today and what kind of information is available, also providing examples of “good practices”.

Cartographie des informations disponibles en Italie concernant la mobilité culturelle (Mobility Infopoint Mapping in Italy).

Cette étude a été menée par la Fondation Fitzcarraldo, le partenaire italien de PRACTICS, entre 2009 et 2010. L’étude visait deux principaux buts: cartographier la situation de l’offre et de la demande d’informations concernant la mobilité culturelle et définir un ensemble de critères de qualité qui s’appliquerait à la création d’un point de contact pour la mobilité culturelle en Italie.