Mapping the EU-China Cultural and Creative Landscape

A joint mapping study MAPPING THE EUCHINA CULTURAL AND CREATIVE LANDSCAPE was prepared for the Ministry of Culture (MoC) of the People’s Republic of China and DG Education and Culture (EAC) of the European Commission. The study was completed in September 2015 and has been published by DG EAC.

The mapping study has been produced in the context and with the support of the EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility (PDSF II), a project financed jointly by the European Union and the Government of the People’s Republic of China, implemented by a consortium led by Grontmij A/S. This consolidated version is based on the contributions of the two expert teams mentioned above and has been finalised by the European Commission (DG EAC).

The EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility (PDSF) was jointly funded by the EU and China to promote and support the ongoing EU-China policy dialogue, which involves key fields and is aimed at a comprehensive deepening of the strategic partnership between China and EU.

This project was jointly proposed by DG Education and Culture (EAC) of the European Commission and the Ministry of Culture of China; it is aimed at investigating the status of EU-China stakeholders, partners and projects of common interest in the following areas:

  • Cultural heritage
  • Cultural & creative industries
  • Contemporary art