Joining the Dots / Bridging the Gap(s): A Reflection on the European Project, IN SITU ACT (2016-2020)

White lines on a road surface, but off-kilter, breaking the rules.

This report presents an overview of IN SITU ACT (2016-2020), and a reflection on some of the highlights of this European cultural cooperation project which was awarded co-funding from the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The 4-year programme strengthened a platform for artistic creation in public space through an extensive series of artistic encounters, taking diverse formats and organised across many countries of Europe. The project was led by Lieux publics, the European and national centre for artistic creation in public space in Marseille, and implemented with 20 partners from 12 countries.

The report considers:

  • How to characterise these specific relationships and the nature of the support which connects many of the different project activities?
  • What different formats of encounters have been created, reformatted and/or adjusted?
  • In accompanying the artists along professional pathways of creation in public space, through a process of artistic mentoring, what values are embodied by the IN SITU partner network?
  • Can we formulate an IN SITU glossary of keywords to help consolidate the network’s approach, and to inform the next development phase?
  • What has been the learning from the IN SITU ACT project implementation?

The report was done in collaboration with On the Move, written by Judith Staines. It includes a preface related to artistic mentoring and professional development by Lene Bang Henningsen.

Other reports in collaboration with On the Move part of the IN SITU ACT project:

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